In addition to the postings found on this site, I have written or contributed to the following publications:


BABM Business Magazine – June 2009

Is Your Intellectual Property Slipping Out the Door with Their Pink Slip? 

Synopsys:  With the latest layoff news continuing to add chaos to the economy, CEOs need to protect their businesses in case of staff cuts, restructuring or consolidation of offices. While your company may not be planning layoffs now, there is no guarantee that in three or six months from now this will be the case. There are steps your business should take, both proactively and reactively, to ensure that…more



Sun Web Server: The Essential Guideby William Nelson, Arvind Srinivasan, Murthy ChintalapatiSee this book on Amazon »



  • DIR-2217 – Sun Java System Directory Server EE 6.x Analysis and Planning
  • DIR-2337 – Sun Java System Directory Server 5.x:  Maintenance and Operations
  • DIR-3300 – Sun Java System Directory Server 5.x:  Advanced Design and Deployment
  • ECR-2307 – Sun Java System Web Server 6.1: Administration and Maintenance
  • ECR-2468 – Sun Java System Web Proxy Server: Administration
  • ECR-3469 – Sun Java System Web Server 7.0 Workshop
  • IDM-2010 – Sun Role Manager 5.x:  Administration
  • IDM-2525 – Sun Java System Identity Manager 5.0: Administration and Implementation
  • IDM-2455 – Sun Identity Manager 8.x: Administration and Maintenance
  • PTL-2193 – Sun ONE Portal Server 3.0 Installation and Configuration

  • Oracle Identity Analytics 11g R1: Administration

  • FR-462 – OpenDJ Administration, Maintenance and Tuning
  • FR-402 – OpenAM Deployment Workshop
  • ForgeRock Authorized OpenAM Associate (FAAA)
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