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Don’t Just Complain, Do Something About It!

A hopelessly lost salesman came upon a farm house where the owner was rocking away on his porch.  Late and desperate to get back on the road he stopped to ask for directions.

“Take the dirt road in the direction that the sun sets; keep going until you go past the old post office.  Make a left after you drive past the broken down tractor that them Taylor boys left a sittin’ there,” explained the farmer.  “Keep a goin’ a bit more until you pass the old sawmill, …” he continued but was interrupted by his old hound dog who let out a rather painful groan.

“Aroooogh,” moaned the dog.

The farmer continued, “…once you get past old McGreevy’s farm, make another left, and …”

“Arooooooogh”… once again, the dog lets out a painful moan.

“Excuse me,” asked the salesman, “but is there something wrong with your dog?”

The farmer looked down at the dog, paused a second, and then replied, “Naw, he’s just lying thar on a nail”.  “Wait a minute,” asked the puzzled salesperson, “if he is lying on a nail, why doesn’t he just get up?”  Without missing a beat, the farmer said matter of factly, “Don’t hurt enough to get up, just to complain about it…”

Moral:  How many times have you criticized someone for how they are doing something?  How many problems have you solved with your friends over beers at the local pub?  How often do you feel like you have a better idea?  Well, stop complaining about it and do something about it!

Remember:  “It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

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