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It Happened One Night

I used to be on the road quite a bit teaching classes or consulting with customers. While the cities were many and the customers diverse, the one thing that was always the same was my music collection – it went with me wherever I went (and continues to do so today).

I was in California on one such event doing work for Sun Microsystems. While listening to my Eagles playlist one particular morning, I was inspired to write this little diddy. The words just flowed and I finished before the first student arrived. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

(Words are mine, songs are from one of the greatest bands of all time – The Eagles.)

So, I left the customer site last night and headed back to my hotel. You know, my HOTEL CALIFORNIA. It was late in the evening (as usual) and as luck would have it, I came face to face with an OUTLAW MAN in Sun’s parking lot (damn security). He asked me to hand over all my money, but as luck would have it, I had already been robbed that day – by my wife – the WITCHY WOMAN.

I told him to TAKE IT EASY as I reached for the few coins that I had in my pocket. He asked me IS IT TRUE that this is all I had? I responded, yes, there are TOO MANY HANDS in my pocket and he would just have to GET OVER IT. Thank goodness that he felt sorry for me (being the NEW KID IN TOWN and all) and felt that any further effort would simply be WASTED TIME.

When I finally reached the hotel, I found two PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW (my wife and daughter) and one lone DESPERADO – (my son) who was in trouble because of his LYIN’ EYES (I am glad that he is only three, otherwise he would have landed in a TEENAGE JAIL). My wife relayed her story to me and I to her. Her story paled in comparison to mine and she questioned, IS IT TRUE? (You see, she had caught me in the past CHUGing ALL NIGHT with the GIRL FROM YESTERDAY and she doubted my story)? To which I responded, I CAN’T TELL YOU WHYIN THE CITY – there’s a HEARTACHE TONIGHT, but that’s what you get when you live LIFE IN THE FASTLANE.

As I look back over the whole event, and look at all the things on this earth that are OUT OF CONTROL, I had to laugh. Because in THE LONG RUN, LIFE’S BEEN GOOD, and even when you TAKE IT TO THE LIMIT, it is still just a GOOD DAY IN HELL so you might as well get that PEACEFUL EASY FEELING and LEARN TO BE STILL.


(Links added for your listening pleasure; not all songs available on MP3.)

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